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Everyday from 8am to 10am, you can enjoy a sumptuous continental breakfast in our dining area. We offer a wide variety of bread, cereals, jams, sausages, milk products, fruits, vegetables, coffee, tea, juice and so on.


During daytime, our garden coffee on the riverside is open to the public. You can enjoy a variety of delicious coffee , cakes, a wide range of drinks, vegetable salads and snacks.


In the evening, our bar will be open to our house guest only.


Note: Lunch boxes can be ordered by our guests. We don ́t have a restaurant in house. There are several German, Italian and Turkish restaurants and snack bars for you to choose in 2 to 5 minutes walking distance from our house.

breakfastBUFFET RESERVatioN 

13 € per person (for non-hotel guests)



Saturday, Sunday and holidays:

08:00 - 12:00      14:30 - 18:30


café créme              2,40 €                Cappuccino                    2,80 €

Espresso                 2,20 €                Latte Macchiato              3,40 €

milk coffee              3,40 €                 chocolate                        2,60 €

Chociatto                3,40 €                 Café Mocha                    3,40 €

cup of tea (black/green/peperrmint/fruit/herbal..)             2,20 €

cup of tea                                                                           3,90 €

Alpirsbacher Beer Big                                     0,5 l                              3,50 €

(Pils / wheat light or dark / Radler / Alcohol-free wheat / Special)

cheese cake                                                                                         2,50 €

Black Forest cherry cake                                                                      3,80 €

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