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Enjoy the Black Forest even more...

The river is gurgling. The forest is blazing with colours and filled with birdsong.

The sun turns the forest into bright blue jade. In foggy rain it appears like a fairy tale maze.

No matter whether you are a holidaymaker, a tourist, a hiker, a mountainbiker, a motorbiker, or just passing by:

whoever you are, you will meet true nature right here, and be touched by it.


That ́s why you come here, so do we.

We took over this historic house in 2015 and, more than just giving it a brand new name, we do hope to inject a new soul into it.


“Das Waldhaus” is a seed of dreams about nature, art and cultural exchange,

which we planted next to the ancient bridge over the Murg river.

We are hands-on working at every small detail, with the vision of transforming “Das Waldhaus” into a new hotel,

which is an integrated platform of tourism, leisure, art and culture, and cross-border communication.


In the whole process of modernization, we tried our best to retain the traditional atmosphere,

but also to provide more comfort and convenience through new facilities.

As our transformation work continues, “das Waldhaus” won ́t be a traditional German hotel which just offers rooms and meals,

but an inspiring culture courier station in the Black Forest, filled with stories, where you feel at home.


We know we are not perfect.

But we are still heading forward step by step. and we will do our best to make your stay enjoyable and memorable.

Share your story with us and watch us grow!

We hope you enjoy your stay with us and discover a bit more of the Black Forest in a different way.

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Arthotel Garni Das Waldhaus  
Adress: Hauptstr. 2 | 76596 Forbach, Germany 
Telefon: +49 (0) 7228. 7010 523 

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